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Your Awareness and Willingness are THE KEY to Your Healing Journey! 

   - Gina Anayana

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Inner Sensory Healing

Inner Sensory Healing is a depth healing style that incorporates traditional Shamanic and Angelic Healing, Reiki Healing, Holographic Sound healing, Theta Healing and  Visualization methods, assists with Angel Card reading to draw our healing internally to our Heart Center, to activate our clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience to acknowledge our wounded child, to clear the past trauma, to forgive, to rewrite our story that we have been telling us for a long time, so we can be present and manifest what we want to experience in our life.  

With the customization for each healing session, Gina will use her healing hands and her open heart as a clear channel to guide you to your heart center, support and assist your deep inner healing journey.


Inner Sensory Healing on WNEM TV5:


Healing Touch

Deep Inner Sensory Healing

" I am here to guide you to your heart center, I am here to assist and support you on your own remembrance journey!"

-- Gina Anayana

Healing Services

Reiki & Shamanic Services

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One on One Reiki Session

In person Reiki, Long Distant Reiki

Crystal Reiki Healing

Inner Sensory Healing Session

Gina's signature session. 45 mins consultation, 1 hour Shamangelic TM Reiki Healing Session on the healing table

Inner Sensory Breathwork Session

In Person one on one Shamanic Reiki Breathwork or group breathwork,

Virtual Breathwork

Holographic Sound Healing
& Theta Healing


Holographic Sound Healing Session

Practice of using sound to wake up the body and re-harmonize it!

Holographic Sound Therapy/Healing 

Grief Recovery


Theta Healing Session

A training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. 


"Gina has a beautiful presence about her. She has the ability to connect to you instantly. I walked in thinking she was healing my headache and walked out with that and much more introspection, its so special!"

Celleste V

The impact of Gina's energy work has been profound for me. I had been struggling to open my heart, and was stunned by how quickly she was able to crack it open using her reiki healing. My eyes were closed, and I had no idea she had her hands over my chest when I felt a sudden wave of grief come swelling to the surface and began to cry. This was a pivotal moment for me in my healing journey, and I have been able to process a lot of stored emotions and sustain an open heart ever since. Gina's healing energy in palpable, and I would highly recommend her for anyone who is struggling to remove energy blockages. 

Sara F

Gina's intuitive Angel Card reading is incredible, I was going through some challenge moments in my workplace, and was looking for some guidance. Without giving any details of what I am going through, Gina's reading was so accurate on the energy I am feeling at my workplace and the challenges I am going through. I felt clearer and lighter after this reading. What a beautiful gift!

Maryann T

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