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3 Months Inner Sensory Healing Journey

This healing journey is specifically designed for those who would like to work with me closer and on a longer time base to dive into their healing journey deeper and intenser, who would like to have better support and guidance during their healing journey. 

Currently, we offer those healing journeys listed below:

Personal Healing Journey (Standard)

Personal Healing Journey (Psychic Gift Activation)

Birthing a New Business into a Physical Space

Birthing a New Business or Idea Virtually

Relationship Transformation Journey (Decoupling)

Strengthen Relationship Journey 

Family Relationship Healing Journey

Soul Family Healing Journey

For more details, please email us at, we will direct you to the detailed videos after we know which area you are working on. 

Your are Safe, You are Held, You are Important, and You are FREE, You are FREE, You are FREE!

Moving planets

Select from the Following Sessions to Meet Your Intentions

Pricing Schedule: This is a personalized healing journey, please read the description above and reach out to me via email: to finalize the healing journey for you.