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Community Offerings

Goddess Intention LLC is a series of services and offerings that mainly focusing on supporting and empowering those who are on their self healing journey to align their soul purpose and soul passion. Besides of the healing services we providing, we also have our podcast called UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY, our community women's sharing group, our TRI-CITY healers group, and other event offerings. 



UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY is a podcast where we acknowledge and celebrate individual's unique soul gifts through each quest's personal story, in order to empower and encourage you to recognize and reclaim the uniqueness in your own soul frequencies, so we as a collective can truly embrace Unity Through Diversity in our life.

Click HERE to the podcast page. 

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Breathwork,Ceremonies, Workshops 

In last 2 years, we have been collaborating with so many different healing places, yoga places, sacred lands for different events, such as shamangelic breathwork, group theta healing, ecstatic dance events, full moon ceremonies, new moon ceremonies. 

Fell free to check out Facebook past events for pictures and details, if you interested in having us to come to your place to offer breathwork ceremonies, dance events and more, please reach out via email:


Community Offerings

Women's Sharing Circle

This is a container that we created to allow you feel safe to open your heart to share what’s on your heart and mind, this is a nonjudgmental space allow you to be fully connected to who you truly are, this is a place for sisterhood, for real friendship. 

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Healers Community

Tri-city Healers Group

Healers, lightworkers, starseeds, white witches, this is the community for all the light beings to share our gifts and unique healing medicine, to co-create a heart centered healing force, so we can work together to serve the people in our community ready for the healing process.

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