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Intuitive Angel Card Reading

An angel reading involves God and Angels. This is NOT the same as a tarot card reading. An angel reading uses God’s energy from the Holy Spirit to give you strict guidance.


The session begins with an aura cleanse to remove any unwanted energies or negativity around the client. Next depends on the time frame for drawing angel cards. The amount of cards drawn depends on the time frame chosen for your session (usually between 2 and 7 cards are drawn).

Spreads you can choose from:
Love & Relationship Spread
Difficult Situation Spread
Soul Purpose Spread
Past Present Future Spread 
Job Career Spread 

Angel cards are a guided deck that mostly talks about God and the Angels, giving you guidance and understanding of what you need to work on to have a perfect balance in your life.

30 minutes $44.44

You will emerge from your Shamangelic Healing Journey feeling lighter, brighter and clearer than ever before.


Select from the Following Sessions to Meet Your Intentions

Pricing Schedule: Most sessions are 30 mins in duration. Some sessions may require extended time based on intentions, material and number of participants.

  • Get guidance and clarity on your career, relationship, life purpose

    30 min

    66 US dollars

If this is your first time book a session with me and not so sure which service to choose,

if you want to customize your healing session with me based on your healing journey,

please schedule a gifted 20 mins consultation call with me 

or email me at: 

Click the button below to schedule a call

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If you have questions regarding booking or services contact

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Due to the high demand for appointment bookings, there are no refunds, transfers or credits offered for partial attendance or no shows. This is a firm policy. Payments are non-refundable.

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