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Is Your Soul Awakening from a Long Slumber and Suddenly Feel Everything is SO Different from the Life You used to?

You Feel Something Different is Brewing inside You, however You do not Know What is it and How to Navigate?

You Might Deal with a Recent Loss, Relationship Wounds, Health Crisis or Addiction Battle?

The Urge of Fulfilling Your Purpose is Stronger and Stronger, but You Feel Like Something is Blocking You from Clearly Seeing and Knowing it?

This is Gina's Signature Session, THE INNER SENSORY HEALING JOURNEY is a personalized healing journey that designed to address the issues that are most relevant to you at this time such as emotional wounds, past traumas, spiritual awakening, various relationship concerns, physical health issues, grief, addiction challenges, life purpose guidance or other. 


Gina utilizes a combination of Shamanic tools, energy healing techniques, reiki healing, guided visualization, essential oils, vibrational sound, and clairvoyant spirit guidance to orchestrate transformational healing and activation. This is an insightful and powerful journey inward that empowers you to release your fears, love with your heart and reclaim your power. This transformational session is tailored to meet your specific needs and address your most pressing issues.

The first part of the session is sharing, discovery, insight, perspective and guidance. The second part is a hands-on soul journey in the healing room. Gina will utilize a wide range of various healing modalities to support you in shifting density into light, pain into compassion and fear into faith.

Inner Sensory Healing Session

Inner Sensory Breathwork 

This sacred ceremony incorporates Reiki, guide visualization, transformational breathwork, music, sound, healing energy, Shamanic tools and soul expansion techniques to facilitate a deep personal Sacred Journey into the depths of your own Soul and Beyond!


This process provides a safe and loving container to shine a light on deep-seated emotional issues, core wounds and limiting beliefs. It offers profound and lasting shifts enabling one’s radiance to shine through, positively affecting all areas of your life.


Sessions run around 2 hours for in person ceremony. Please join on time. Event access will close 10 minutes after start time. Due to limited space in ceremonies, there are no refunds for no-shows or partial attendance. Contact me if you want to tailor your own group breathwork ceremony. 

Inner Sensory Breathwork Ceremony via Zoom dates will updated in the booking session.


Theta Healing Session

This is one of the most powerful healing practice in Inner Sensory Healing, our belief system direct our thoughts, our thoughts will become the action, action will become the reality, to realize and understand the different level of our belief system could help us to find where its originated and through Theta Healing we could cancel, change, replace the old belief system with new ones which serve our highest and greatest good. 


Each ThetaHealing® session with Gina is a unique experience as it is Divinely Guided.

They include the sharing of Unconditional Love and Healing, in addition to identifying and removing the negative belief systems that Gina is guided to address in that session with the client.

Using Kinesiology, the client will be tested for the existence of negative beliefs and programs so that they can be accessed from the subconscious mind. The key core beliefs are then transmuted by the Higher Consciousness into belief patterns that will serve the Highest Good. Shifting these negative belief patterns releases blockages that could otherwise lead to physical and/or emotional dis-ease.


Holographic Sound Therapy/Healing

Sound and Sound vibration have been around forever, the Universe was formed through sound. In the writings of creation- First came the word, (Sound vibration), many cultures recognize importance of Music & Sound as a healing power today. 

The most powerful sound vibrations for moving energy and healing are vocal sounds, ie: toning and chanting. 

During this healing session, you will see me use toning, chanting, use Vowel Sounds to resonate your energy centers or chakras. I will use specific sounds or sound vibration with different parts of the body, sounds many vary from person to person. 

I will also incorporate sing bowl in this healing session with specific notes to tune your different energy center. 

Sessions usually runs around 1 hour, enjoy this healing journey. 

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Spiritual Reading

Reading to receive messages from your team of guides, ancestors, gain insight and receive healing. 

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Angel Card Readings

An angel reading involves God and Angels. This is NOT the same as a tarot card reading. An angel reading uses God’s energy from the Holy Spirit to give you strict guidance.


The session begins with an aura cleanse to remove any unwanted energies or negativity around the client. Next depends on the time frame for drawing angel cards. The amount of cards drawn depends on the time frame chosen for your session (usually between 2 and 7 cards are drawn).

Spreads you can choose from:
Love & Relationship Spread
Difficult Situation Spread
Soul Purpose Spread
Past Present Future Spread 
Job Career Spread 

Angel cards are a guided deck that mostly talks about God and the Angels, giving you guidance and understanding of what you need to work on to have a perfect balance in your life.

30 minutes $44.44

REIKI Healing 

Reiki is a technique that aids in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation and balance within your body.


Reiki promotes healing, overall health, and vitality. Reiki addresses all parts of a person including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Many major hospitals including The University of Michigan Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, and William Beaumont here in Michigan use Reiki as a complementary healing technique.

Reiki can help Accelerate healing, Assist the body in cleansing toxins, Balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages and more. 

There are different Reiki styles out there, Gina use Usui Reiki Healing, is a Japanese Healing Art. Reiki is the placement of hands on various locations of the body, beginning at the head and ending at the feet. If healing is needed in a specific area of the body the practitioner will place her hands above this location for a longer period. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that leaves one feeling connected, peaceful and calm.

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