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Holographic Sound Healing

Holographic sound healing (HSH) is the practice of using sound to wake up the body and reharmonize it. When we are healthy, our bodies are vibrating in a harmonious way. But when we experience illness or disease, our bodies have grown out of tune. Anything that is in a disease state can be shifted and come into harmony. Holographic sound healing can assist a person in raising their vibration and taking them up to a higher consciousness level.

However, according to Paul Hubbert, Ph.D., founder of the Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance (, “Back in the early days of Egypt we were able to work with sound holographically, but as humanity’s vibration dropped, we reached a point where we lost that ability because we could no longer hold that energy. And that went on for thousands of years. It has only been since 1999 that we have reached a point of being able to start working with sound holographically again because humanity’s vibrations have raised. As that happened, the information came through to us again. The true form of sound is holographic in nature. Holographic sound is multidimensional sound. It’s using sound multidimensionally. And by using it multidimensionally we hit every level of consciousness when we open it up through sacred geometrical techniques.”

This unique form of healing utilizes vocal toning in addition to crystal singing bowls. Crystal singing bowls, made up of 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, are magnificent tools to work with for HSH. Crystal singing bowls move the vibrations faster than any other method currently available, and when added to HSH techniques, they become a potent way to achieve change. Blending voice with both the crystal singing bowls and HSH techniques creates nearly unlimited overtones and harmonics to work with.

Holographic sound healing utilizes the Lifeforce Chakra Breath. “Through the Lifeforce Chakra Breath you deliberately cause the pranic body, chi to intensify and radiate into the physical and emotional bodies, force-feeding yourself with life force energy. This super strengthens the physical, emotional and mental bodies. By doing this, you begin the life rejuvenation and reversal process and prepare yourself for consciousness expansion or ascension.”

 Gina trained with Dr. Paul in April 2021 for Holographic Sound Healing, now is truly the time to move into and experience holographic sound healing. With the vibration rising with humanity and earth, we are prime for the high frequency healing vibration created through holographic sound, a healing frequency never before experienced in our time.

Everything is energy, everything has its own frequency, move energy to maintain the balance of your Chi!


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