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"Dont get caught up in the words of Past, Present and Future, its a reminder of only now moment creates your past and future. Not other way around. "


                                                             --- Gina Anayana

My Past

Founder of Inner Sensory Healing, Gina is born and raised in China until she came to Untied States 11 year ago to pursuit her business degree in SVSU. Gina has a strong sales marketing background in both domestic and international markets. Gina is the founder of Beiby Bamboo LLC, a company she started to honor her motherhood passion, Gina is also the host of podcast "Unity Through Diversity" to be an advocate of honoring and recognizing our uniqueness through our personal story. Gina is an Etsy expert by devoting to support over 10 Etsy stores to help and assist whoever is needed extra hand in their journey of pursuing their unique spiritual gift.  

In last decade, Gina is on a deeply transformational journey to understand who she is, where she is truly from, what is her purpose and mission in this life time. Transformation from a pure business woman to a medicine woman who also understand the business world, transformation from she knows what she good at to what her soul calls her to do and focus on what she is good at. 

All the healing gifts came to her as a spark of curiosity and unspeakable pulling. Gina received the calling of learning Reiki healing to add into her daily healing practice after her first random Reiki session while her intention was simply trying to understand what is Reiki. Gina is a certified Reiki Master, has been practicing the healing on her friends and family members in the last 2 years. She realized her hands indeed powerful from the feedback from her friends and family, and those hands lead her to pick up other healing tools along the way.

Gina Anayana
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My Present


Gina accepted her calling to a Shamangelic TM Healing Modalities and Shamangelic TM Breathwork Facilitator training taught by Anahata Ananda, who blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. Anahata's 20 years Shamangelic TM healing experience truly opened the healing ability that Gina carries within. Based on Gina's unique soul signature, she followed her intuition on this powerful learning and training session to fully prepare her to step into her medicine woman path. 


With a open heart, after a 3 weeks intensive training and remembering in Sedona, Gina got certified as a Shamangelic TM Breathwork Facilitator from Anahata Ananda, started to offering in person Shamangelic TM healing sessions, in person and virtual breathwork sessions.

Shortly After the Shamangelic TM traning with Anahata, Gina called to pick up 2 other powerful healing modalities, Holographic Sound Healing TM with Dr. Paul Hubbert and Theta TM Healing with Pam Lord to add into her healing services. 

Gina is also a certified Intuitive Angle Card reader from Melanie Beckler. Gina uses this tool to connect with her angels and guides for guidance. Now she feels called to use Angel Card Readings in between her healing sessions to better support others healing journey after her Shamangelic TM Breathwork facilitator training, Gina incorporates her Intuitive Angel Card reading skills and REIKI healing, Holographic Sound Healing into Shamangelic TM Healing to form her signature healing style.

Recent Animal Theta Healing and Plant Theta Healing allow Gina's healing offering to service more conscious beings on this planet. 

My Future

Gina has a great passion in plants and herbs, Gina also loves to work in nature, Inner Sensory Healing is a unique healing method that Gina incorporates Reiki healing method, Shamanic healing method, Holographic Sound Healing method, Theta Healing method, Angelic healing method, Crystal healing method, with the extra assistant from Angel Card reading to deeply connect with Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and other high dimensional beings to deepen the healing session.  

Gina believes we are entering a period of time of supporting each other's healing journey by collaborating, supporting other healers, by recognizing each and every human's goodness, by deeply believing in Unity, Oneness, Love to guide us on this remembrance journey. 

Gina is continuing her learning journey by picking up or remembering her other unique gifts such as working with plants and herbs, working with sound vibration in her private healing sessions. 


We are all connected in this human journey, we are here to remember who we truly are by walking next to each other to remind each other that we are not alone and we are safe in this journey.  

"Everything around you is designed to communicate with you, messages are everywhere, learn to drop to your heart, open your inner eye to receive the guidance from your world. "


                          -- Gina Anayana

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