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Inner Sensory Breathwork Ceremony

Inner Sensory Breathwork Ceremony 


Breathwork opens up pathways to rejuvenate cells and organs. It places your mind in the present moment. And it connects you to a oneness of the universe. Breathing becomes not only a physical process but a mental and spiritual one as well. In breathwork, you learn to understand the sacred power behind breathing.


Our body is a super smart instrument and it connects you with the unconsciousness part of your psyche that you can activate it through breathwork techniques. With the specific intention you set before the breathwork, your body knows where to take you to receive the healing energy.

THIS is THE MOST POWERFUL Clearing & Awakening Session. Deep Shamanic breathing has been found to facilitate profound emotional releases, open new channels of awareness and clear toxicity in the body. Inner Sensory Breathwork incorprates Anahata Ananda's Shamangelic TM Breathwork methods, guided visualization, deep breathing techniques, vibrational sound, soulful music, energy healing, Shamanic tools, crystal therapy and light body expansion techniques to facilitate a personal Sacred Journey into the depths of your own soul and BEYOND!!!

Each ceremony provides a safe and loving container for you to go inward to shine a light on deep-seated emotional issues, core wounds and limiting beliefs. It offers profound and lasting shifts enabling one’s radiance to shine through, positively affecting all areas of your life.


Gina also can tailor your breathwork ceremony depends on the areas you would like to work, she offers one on one breathwork sessions and group sessions, schedule a 20 mins consultation before you book the appointment. 

Please join on time. Event access will close 10 minutes after start time. Due to limited space in ceremonies, there are no refunds for no-shows or partial attendance.

Trust your body, it knows where to take you to, let the breath open the gateway to guide you on a powerful healing journey. 


Select from the Following Sessions to Meet Your Intentions

Pricing Schedule: Most sessions are 2 hours in duration. Some sessions may require extended time based on intentions, material and number of participants.

If this is your first time book a session with me and not so sure which service to choose,

if you want to customize your healing session with me based on your healing journey,

please schedule a gifted 20 mins consultation call with me, 

or email me at:


Click the button below to schedule a call with me

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If you have questions regarding booking or services contact

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Due to the high demand for appointment bookings, there are no refunds, transfers or credits offered for partial attendance or no shows. This is a firm policy. Payments are non-refundable.

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